The History of Belly Dance
Visions of the Nile Style

A Student Recital
City of Cuyahoga Falls Amphitheatre
July 8, 2007

Description of the Show

Because of the destruction of early music and dance records, no one knows the actual history of belly dance. One can only speculate and theorize from the few remaining artifacts and legends about the history of belly dance.

Visions of the Nile dancers will educate and entertain the audience on one of the most popular and well documented theories. In this two-hour dance extravaganza the audience will follow the Roma or “Gypsies” out of Northern India and across the trade routes through southern Europe and northern Africa ending up at the 1983 Chicago’s World Fair.

The audience will experience what dance was like before the Roma influence and what it has become today after their influence. Mind you this is only one version of how belly dance started.

But first lets get ready......

This is the first time many of these ladies have danced together. So rehersal was critical.