Why should I take a Belly Dance Class
I am not young or skinny?

Fun - What could be more fun than playing dress-up at our age????? Shaking your hips???? and just having a ball. Be prepared to laugh alot (even at yourself).

Health and Fitness - once you learn a few moves, it can really get your heart pumping. You will develop a "six-pack" of abs (even if they are well padded to protect them), built buns and thighs of steel, develop your back and neck muscles and it's low impact.

Stress Reduction - You will find that you leave your old selves at the door and enter a very safe environment where the stresses of the day just seem to melt away.

Creativity - Belly dance is truly an individualistic dance. No matter how your body moves, it moves right for you. You will be free to explore how it moves and where you want to go with it.

Sensuality - is simply feeling comfortable with your body. The alluring movements of the dance will have you feeling very in touch with you, probably for the first time in years.

Self-confidence - As you grow as a dancer, you will feel more comfortable within your body, and as you are, you will exude self-confidence.

Better posture - As you gain self-confidence you will find yourself having better posture. You will become regal in the way you move.