Meet the Teaching Staff

The teaching staff at Visions of the Nile is dedicated to giving quality, dependable, organized, and fun instruction to its students. Their love of the dance is apparent in everything they do. They feel their primary obligation to students to accurately pass on their knowledge and are very excited to do so. All staff members have gone through extensive training and apprenticeships before beginning to teach.

Ameenah is the founder and heart of the school and of its teaching methods. She is the only full-time instructor, lecturer, and performer in NE Ohio.This is not a part-time job or a hobby, this is the love of her life! She loves belly dance because it provides an outlet for the spiritual and sensual being that she truly is and a focus for her creativity.

She began fulfilling her dream of belly dancing by taking lessons from Danielle Cowgill in the summer of 2000. She has studied under Dahmia, Shakira, Aegela, Veena and Neena, and Carrie Konyha. She attended Oasis Dance Camp in 2003 with Cassandra Shore and Jillina and 2005 with Cassandra and Amel Tafsout, and seminars with Jasmine Jahul, Badia Samra El Nil, Faten Munger, Aeila, Mylitta, Tarik Sultan, Morocco, BellyQueens Amar and Kaeshi, Susanah DelVecciho, Tamera Henna, Zafira, Gypsy Soul, BellyJam 2004, attended and performed at BellyJam 2005, Artemis, and MEDIA's Teachers Seminar. Ameenah is currently director of the dance troupes, lectures, and performs at most events.

She is the former Treasurer for the national organization MEDIA (Middle Eastern Dance Instructors Association). Ameenah now teaches intermediate and advanced classes, and private lessons at the studio and has taught at Ananda Center in Massillon, ProQuest in Richfield and Kent State University, Stewart's Caring Place, and Quirk Cultural Center. She was the guest of Oasis and Civic Forum that aired on cable broadcasting, was interviewed for the Stow Show and appeared on That's Life with Robin Swoboda. She taught at the National Nursing Aides Convention and speaks and teaches at various public venues. Ameenah is also a Reiki Master and Lomi Lomi healer.

The opportunity arose in 2001to open the Visions of the Nile venture. She now has the only harem room and bazaar in the area.




Dahmia has been a Middle Eastern and Polynesian dance teacher and performer in Northeast Ohio since the mid-70’s. She is Founder and Director of Ahawat el Rakisat (Sisters In Dance) and Sisters of the Islands. She recently attended her 25th year at the Oasis Dance Camp in Traverse City, Michigan. Dahmia feels it is important to support other teachers and sponsors of seminars and encourages her students and other dancers to attend. The only requirement to belong to Dahmia’s troupe is love of the dance and culture. Dahmia is also a Reiki Master. Dahmia teaches specialty classes and Polynesian Classes at Visions of the Nile.