Comments about us!
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From students and clients who have gotton to know us.

We love our belly dancing class and we love you! Yesterday was just fabulous!

Thank you for bringing feminity back into my life....I hadn't even realized it was gone until you brought it back.

Bellydance is all about me...I've learned so much about myself while learning to bellydance.

When I come through the door, it's as though all the worries and cares of the world are left behind me.

When I am through with class, I feel like a new woman and can think much clearer.

The statement was made the other day that there is no better teacher in Akron, we all agree.

Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new world of dance.

I have seen many first class shows on the East Coast and none were any better than yours.

The veil dance is a dance fit for kings.

The energy and atmosphere of the studio is phenominal. It's like walking into another world.

Thanks so much. You are such an encouraging teacher! I don't know if I will ever be good, but I do enjoy learning from you!

I have already referred 3 young ladies your way because of the good vibes I was feeling.

You were was a high. Great fun! I loved not only dancing
but watching the many performances.....especially the teachers!
I kept thinking how much I wish I could be up there with all of you.
This dance has a contagious spirit to it. I plan on working even harder
to be there and develop my skills.

Thank you so much for all yours and your staffs help in preparing us for this. As you know this was a very personal journey for me and it means a lot to me to have seen it through at least a first complete phase. I am looking forward to the next level of classes

You and Yasmine are so great! You make dance so much fun and make us
feel so good about ourselves and all we are learning. Thank you for opening your hearts, sharing your talents, and making a difference in the lives of so many women!
Just had to tell you that~

As i make my prayers of Thanksgiving today, bellydancing will definitely be on
the list. And i couldn't be this thankful without you and your guidance. Thanks for being a great teacher!

I saw the nice article in the paper and the wonderful thing that you did for the community. You are all such good people .

You are a pretty neat lady to be doing such great things! A true Diva!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to perform at the Firestone Park Library. We are so honored that you came to our library to share you talent with our patrons. Thank you so much.

I have never seen an adult attraction draw such a crowd! Thank you very much, please feel free to come back next year.

We saw you at the Stow Aviation Days and had to book you for our club meeting!!!! This was wonderful. Thank you soo much.

This was the most fun "girls night out" we have ever had. Thank you so much.

I wanted to say that I thought you and your troupe were excellent. To say they are a vast improvement over past years would be ludicrously understated. I thought they were all quite good and they presented themselves well. The young ones were very cute with their dances too.

I LOVED your class! I felt at home as soon as I walked in. I can't wait to come back next week and learn more!

And thank you Ameenah for your vision and support while we practiced and made our costumes and for the firm lectures when we needed it the most.

You guys were great on Saturday! There was so much energy up there... and I'm not just talking about the pants! =)

Our residents were in sensory overload for days after your performance. Thank you so much!

It is wonderful to be learning from a mature woman instead of a kid. Your lessons are so well organized and presented in such a fun manor. Thank you.

Your true talent is definately teaching. What a pleasure to take from someone like you.

I attended the workshop yesterday and also saw the show. I wanted to let you know how very impressed my husband and I were with the faculty sword dance. We were really blown away. Great job ! ! !

I had a blast on Sat.! I had no idea how fun performing could be! :) What an adrenaline rush! You're a great teacher. Thank you for all your encourgement!

we love our belly dancing class and we love you! Yesterday was just fabulous!

You are a wonderful dancer and teacher, and it is a joy to come to your class.

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed my first class in belly dancing. It was so informal, so much fun and so relaxing from such a busy day, and I am so excited.